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Volunteering and Volunteer Training




“The program’s vision is to improve support for volunteers, recognise individuals
values and strengthen and extend their participation and contribution to the social,
economic, environmental and cultural capital of African communities”
As many other volunteer Organisations, CAS depends on Volunteers and Sessional
Workers for the bulk of its projects and activities. It also recognises the lack of

experience and skills within the target community and the need of volunteering in order
to acquire skills, knowledge and experience and use these potentials for the development
and delivery of its services. As a result, we ensure that people already working within the
organisation are trained to deliver culturally appropriate service effectively and
efficiently. They go through an induction and a compulsory program covering areas such as:
• Communication and general office skills
• Client/services users care skills
• Health and safety,
• Equal opportunity and good practice
• Confidentiality
• Effective call handling and listening skills
• Many more skills corresponding to individual area of interest



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