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Culture and Heritage:



Currently, the organisation runs a heritage project called”                             ”

This is an Oral History of migration and settlement experiences of the Congolese Migrants &
Diaspora in East London. The research focused on why Participants- or their parents came
to the UK, their experiences on arrival, their subsequent settlement experiences, food,

social life, culture & traditions, their achievements and contributions to the life of their
adopted land, and their future aspirations.
Also, it is exploring issues of integration, culture shock, general health, identity and sense of
belonging, and community resilience as issues fundamentally pertinent to the migration and
settlement of the Congolese Migrants & Diaspora in London
An army of Volunteers participants and Interviewers has been put together to travel
around, and arrange interview sessions to potential Interviewees, that often require months
of arrangement.


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This project is funded

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