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Aims and Objectives

CAS works to improve community well-being and social inclusion through the provision of
free, confidential, culturally appropriate quality information, advice and advocacy support
on health, welfare benefits, debts, education, training and employment; care services;
interpretation and translation; access and dissemination of mainstream and available
services; volunteering opportunities; outreach activities; referrals and networking.

CAS Objects are:

a) For the public benefit in Greater London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom and in
particular for the benefit of those members of the public, of African origin, particularly
those who are French speaking, by the relieving those who are in need by the reason of
poverty, sickness or distress by advancing education and providing and assisting in the
provision of facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation in the interest of social
welfare and objective of improving the conditions of life of those persons for whom the
facilities are provided.


b) For the relief of poverty of people of African origin, particularly those who are French
speaking, who are resident or intending to reside in Greater London or elsewhere in the
United Kingdom, by providing such person with free, confidential, and impartial advice,
information, assistance, representation, counselling, translation and interpretation services
in matters such as immigration, money debts, welfare benefits, health, housing, social
services, education, training and employment.


c) The preservation and protection of health by the provision of counselling and advice on
health issues.”

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